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Intake Forms

The Initial Consultation is a madatory appointment for all new clients.

Download, complete, and then Send your documents via email to

Your intake forms must be completed and returned no less than 24 hours before your first session.




The information you provide on the contact and initial intake forms will be kept confidential and secure;  and will only be viewed by your practitioner(s) and, if necessary, the instructor/business owner

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When you contact us via the website form, complete the intake form, or register as a new student, you grant implied consent and permission to be contacted with important notifications and email monthly updates. You may unsubscribe at any time. 

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to experience Essential Energy with Mia! It was relaxing, uplifting, insightful–all the things an energy work session should be. Mia’s strong hands and clear connection with Spirit ensure that her clients receive exactly what they need. Thank you, Mia!”

Jessica Sharp



“Me finding Mia was an answer to a prayer. She helped me so much with the pain I was having in both knees and her insgihts really guided me in the right direction about my job and about my relationship. I most definitely recommend working with her.”

Enrique Navarro


The contents of this website and the nature of the services provided are intended for personal self-improvement and educational purposes only.

These services are not substitutes or replacements for any medical care or mental health counseling; nor under any circumstances do they constitute psychological or medical diagnosis or treatment. 

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