How Energywork Can Support You

Reiki is a traditional Japanese relaxation technique. Energy balancing creates a sense of deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension. After even a short session, most people feel calmer and less anxious and some say they feel more energetic, clear-minded and focused. Through either hands-on or hands-off techniques, you will be offered an aura reading, energy clearing and balancing, and frequency realignment.


Whether you are experiencing an injury or illness, or you are managing chronic issues, Reiki energy can naturally support your recovery.


When you are struggling with a sense of overwhelm, sadness or disappointment, or dealing with unexpected events, Reiki can expedite your emotional calming.


Whether you are dealing with daily stressors, ongoing depression or continued anxiety, Reiki can compliment your return to mental health.


When you are feeling lost or hopeless, you feel life is without purpose, or that you are disconnected, Reiki can help to facilitate your spiritual reunion.



Often referred to as ‘gut feelings’, intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge, or understand something, immediately from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. Information is generated without awareness of the underlying processes by the unconscious mind rapidly sifting through past experience, cumulative knowledge, and empathetic guidance.


*Please note, any insights you receive are not to be considered medical or psychiatric treatment or suggestions. They are simply messages to help you tap into your Inner Wisdom, understand your thoughts, and make your own decisions for the highest good of all involved.*

“Mia is an incredible healer because of her compassion. She really cares and that comes across. I first came to her after an injury and she always seeks to really understand what is going on with your body. The guidance she shares brings things together in a way that feels like the completetion of my thoughts.”

James Tretick

“My sessions were so relaxing. Afterwards, Mia would tell me things she felt or saw, but I always drifted off in the first couple minutes. I kept going to her because I felt so refreshed and energized, even though I slept through the whole thing. Lol”

Jennifer Smigal

“Mia is an extraordinary healer, teacher, and lover of life. I highly recommend her!”

Gerry Parina


The contents of this website and the nature of the services provided are intended for personal self-improvement and educational purposes only.

These services are not substitutes or replacements for any medical care or mental health counseling; nor under any circumstances do they constitute psychological or medical diagnosis or treatment. 

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