“I am feeling very different now than my whole week this week! I’m soooo surprised honestly. I have been a ball of anxiety that was practically unmanageable until last night. I can’t tell you the relief I feel today! Today I am light and clear. I’m in tears with gratitude.”

Lindsay Hodges

“Mia has a phenomenal gift that transcends the norm. She has the ability to extract what you don’t even realize is there! Her thought process is sharp and exact, and spending time with her was worth every minute!”

Kashonna Holland

 “Mia Zachary has an amazing gift of setting ablaze a fire of passion in those around her with clarity and direction. I was thrilled to see everything come together.”  

Collette Desroches

TESTIMONIALS from Clients and Students

“Mia is a wonderful facilitator and healer. It was my first time… and it was extremely welcoming. I felt much better after emotionally and energetically. Mia made me very comfortable and introduced me to Reiki, which had an unexpectedly powerful effect on me. I recommend Mia, especially to new comers.”

Anna Keskula

“Mia Zachary cares, pours in, AND draws out untapped potential … she would keep going deep until she taps into the inner wisdom.”  

Dr. Ray Charles


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