Success Stories

Alexa F.

 “I highly recommend Mia Zachary’s reiki classes. She is an amazing teacher – warm and welcoming with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share for beginners and returning students as well. You will leave with renewed energy and balance and new tools to use on your path.” 

Ryan P.

 “I am grateful to have found Mia as my guide through my journey in learning the arts of Reiki. She took time to make sure I understood everything before moving on. As a beginner to Reiki and Energy Healing, I came out of the first class feeling confident in my ability to grow. She’s a great teacher and I can’t wait for the next step!”  

Anna K.

 “Mia is a wonderful facilitator and healer. It was my first time… and it was extremely welcoming. I felt much better after emotionally and energetically. Mia made me very comfortable and introduced me to Reiki, which had an unexpectedly powerful effect on me. I recommend Mia, especially to new comers.”  

Dr. Ray C.

“Mia Zachary cares, pours in, AND draws out untapped potential … she would keep going deep until she taps into the inner wisdom.”  

Gerry S.

“Mia is an extraordinary healer, teacher, and lover of life. I recommend her highly!” 

Sylvia H.

 “Mia caused me to get in touch with my heart and encouraged me to share more of who I am and why I do what I do.” 

Lyn H.

"Mia's teaching has a broad depth of knowledge of many styles of healing and can quickly adapt to both beginner and advanced students in the same class, and she does so with joy and ease.”  

Kashonna H.

“Mia has a phenomenal gift that transcends the norm. She has the ability to extract what you don’t even realize is there! Her thought process is sharp and exact, and spending time with her was worth every minute!”  

Carol J.

“Even through the laptop, every time you placed a crystal on the grid, I could feel the energy shift. And when you started sending the Reiki, there was so much static and crackling! I could feel things opening up and I definitely want to do this again.”  

Suzanne R.

 “You have a very kind and warm aura around you and the incredible talent to make everyone feel special and appreciated!”  

Glenn G.

“I appreciate Mia’s extreme focus on her clients. Her energy work helped me with shoulder pain. After only two sessions, I was able to get back into my regular routine. I continue to seek Mia’s talents with Reiki to keep me balanced and relaxed.” 

Colette D.

 “Mia Zachary has an amazing gift of setting ablaze a fire of passion in those around her with clarity and direction. I was thrilled to see everything come together.”  


Thank you very much

It is my honor, my privilege, and my commitment to serve you

 with integrity, respect, and above all else Love.