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Science: Kaicho Genki™ is an integrative wellness system that relies on a basic understanding of physics, anatomy and physiology, and differential assessment in support of the body’s natural ability to heal. 

Spirituality: Kaicho Genki™ is a complementary energy healing practice which uses empathy and instinct, along with clairsensitivity, to weave together different elemental frequencies for chakra balancing and aura clearing. 

Mongaikan (Intro)


Are you curious? Have you been dealing with tension, worry or discomfort*? Are you wondering what else you can do?

This 3 hour class will cover:
Energy in the World
Energy in the Body
Locating Energy Centers
Personal Healing Instruction
Setting Energetic Boundaries

There is no pre-requisite for this class. (This is not a certification course) **We make no representations as to cures for any disease or illnesses, or amelioration of any psychological conditions.**  

$60 USD

Afterward, you will be able to use the skills you learn in this class to help yourself manage stress, anxiety, pain, and more.


“Mia’s teaching has a broad depth of knowledge of many styles of healing and can quickly adapt to both beginner and advanced students in the same class, and she does so with joy and ease.”

Lyn Hunter

Kaicho Shoshin


Traditional Japanese energy healing is a safe, non-denominational, and holistic practice that teaches you to manage and protect your energy. Reiki helps to restore and maintain the balance between your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, enabling your physical body to heal itself.

This 12 hour class will cover:
The Usui Reiki Precepts
Energetic Hygiene
The Solar and Sacral Chakras
The First Reiki Blessing
3 Symbols & Mantras
Frequencies of Earth and Water
Introduction to Clairsentience
Basic Healing Instruction

*PREREQUISITE- None. Because this class includes Mongaikan, you may come as a novice student.

Over two days, 4 “attunements” will be given for expanding your relationship with and deepening your connection to higher frequencies of energy; allowing your to better sense and recognize the healing process for yourself and others. 

$350 USD

REQUIREMENTS: Pass an oral quiz and document an additional 5 hours of personal practice (on yourself and others) before receiving your certificate. 

Kaicho Zenki


Kundalini energy sits dormant at the base of the spine. Once awakened, it is drawn up from the lower chakras and rises all the way to the crown. When combined with Reiki energy, it can then be directed to flow out through the hands.  

This 12 hour class will cover: 
How Energy Flows
Connecting to Source
The Ajna (Brow) Chakra
Introduction to Clairvoyance
The Second Reiki Blessing
3 Symbols and Mantras
Frequencies of Fire and Air
Intermediate Healing Instruction
2 Additional Healing Techniques

*PREREQUISITE- None.  Because this class includes Mongaikan, you may come as a novice student  **Due to the nature of the distant “attunements”, all students must RSVP and PAY in FULL prior to class.**  

Over two days, 6 “attunements” will be given (2 in advance, 4 during class) for expanding your recognition of and connection to higher frequencies of energy; allowing your to better visualize and guide the healing process for yourself and others.   

$350 USD 

REQUIREMENTS: Pass an oral quiz and document an additional 5 hours of personal practice (on yourself and others) before receiving your certificate.    

“I am grateful to have found Mia as my guide through my journey in learning the arts of Reiki. She took time to make sure I understood everything before moving on. As a beginner to Reiki and Energy Healing, I came out of the first class feeling confident in my ability to grow. She’s a great teacher and I can’t wait for the next step!”  

Ryan Pedersen

“I highly recommend Mia Zachary’s reiki classes. She is an amazing teacher – warm and welcoming with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share for beginners and returning students as well. You will leave with renewed energy and balance and new tools to use on your path.”

Alexa Fisher

“This was really different. I’ve studied a lot of different types of healing and I kept wanting to follow rules I’d learned in other classes. But Mia encouraged me to try this and working with the elements was incredible. It was so much easier to see the energy this way!”

Debbie Wright


The contents of this website and the nature of the services provided are intended for personal self-improvement and educational purposes only.

These services are not substitutes or replacements for any medical care or mental health counseling; nor under any circumstances do they constitute psychological or medical diagnosis or treatment. 

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