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Elemental Abundance Insight Decks

On every level of personal development, you need space for the unexpected, for inner reflections, and divine inspiration.

EA Oracle Cards

Intention: This Elemental Abundance™ card deck will help you open to the Higher Wisdom available and communicate with your own intuition. The cards are a tool for self-discovery–encouraging you to shift your thinking and providing insight about your path.

Design: Each card features a compass word and an affirmation to offer you positive guidance around your inquiry. Color coding; and numerology, chakra, and tarot elements have been incorporated to add deeper meaning to the possibilities.

EA Journal Cards

Intention: As you’re working with each Elemental Abundance™ card, believe you can do what you want; have what you want; be who you want. Imagine your dreams and desires being fulfilled and feel the emotions of having those things manifest in your life.

Design: At the top of each Elemental Abundance™ card is the compass word for you to focus on. Next is an affirmation, a positive statement to anchor the concept. At the bottom are questions to help you further explore the theme and expand your growth.

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