The “Opening of the Curtain”

Woodblock print (nishiki-e); ink and color on paper by artist noue Yasuji (Tankei) (Japanese, 1864–1889) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Edo period (between 1603 and 1868) is considered the beginning of the early- modern period of Japan.

In 1603, Tokugawa Ieyasu was appointed Shogun by the emperor and established his government in Edo (modern Tokyo). Ieyasu succeeded in unifying most of Japan under a single government, and set up a system of centralized feudalism. Peace prevailed throughout the Edo period. The samurai then began to educate themsleves not only in the martial arts but also in arts of literature, philosophy and the tea ceremony.

During the Edo period, there were public exhibitions of sacred icons from Buddhist temples. These relics and statues were not usually on display, therfore marking the go-kaicho as special occaisions that included entertainment, activities, and trade to raise funds for temple repairs and upkeep. Starting in 1654, Edo hosted 1566 kaichō in the city.



There is ample evidence that energy healing was practiced in Japan prior to 1922. However, following his enlightenment on  Mount Kurama, a sacred mountain north of Kyoto,  Mikao Usui was able to be a healer and to train others. Usui Sensei designed a system for teaching  his “treatment method for improving body and mind.” Traditional Japanese Reiki, based on intuition and considered a form of spiritual healing, is passed from teacher to student through continual practice.


 In 1935, Mrs. Hawayo Takata, a Hawaiian of Japanese decent, was very sick and scheduled for surgery. However, she chose to receive Reiki treatments for a period of eight months and was amazed that she never needed the surgery.  After being initiated as a Reiki Master, Mrs. Takata returned to Hawaii and revised the teaching system for Westerners (whom she felt would not understand intuition-guided scanning) to include strict hand positions.  Because of Takata Sensei, the healing art of Usui Reiki was not lost during World War II and continues to this day.


In the 1990s, while meditating, Ole Gabrielsen channeled a unique form of energy healing called Kundalini Reiki. an extremely distilled form of traditional Usui Reiki with an emphasis on igniting a process of personal growth and expansion. It is possible to accelerate the healing  process drastically by opening the Kundalini channels. The goal of Kundalini attunement is to “expand the level of consciousness and make Peace, Light, and Love an immediate possibility in one’s life.” 

From the rock bottom of an abyss, I figured there was nowhere left to go but up.  

After a 2010 suicide attempt led to therapy and several different prescriptions,  I still struggled with severe chronic Depression. I was miserable, frustrated, and drinking heavily. Searching for some reason to “stay here” as I’d promised my family,  it wasn’t until 11 February 2015 that I found hope.  

I was on my knees, sobbing in the shower, when a Voice that was not my own asked me to “Look up”. When I did, I was shown an incredible vision that still brings tears to my eyes to this day.  And I was given a purpose. 

I don’t do anything half-assed, so during the next year I signed up for every self-help or healing course I could find (fifteen of them). Then I went to my first Reiki share and knew, “This is it.” I signed up to learn that, too, because it felt more like remembering than learning. I loved it. I love the gentle flowing energy of Usui Reiki, the intense power of Kundalini Reiki,  the reassuring expansion of Crystal Reiki.

What I didn’t love was feeling constricted by the way I was taught (rigid adherence to hand positions; everything done in one day to get a piece of paper). As I was learning about Universal Energy–and more importantly, how to strengthen my own energy–my overall mood and general attitude got better; I quit drinking and made healthier life choices, and I experienced increasing empathic skills. As I continued to practice, I began seeing colors, feeling energy dance, and hearing messages.

My desire to document my unique healing facilitation process turned into Kaicho Genki™, a way to teach others how to develop their intuitive gifts, trust Divine Guidance and, over time, create a form of Reiki that works best for them. As I tell my students, “I’ll teach you all of the ‘rules’ and then I’ll show you how to break them,” because we are powerful creators who can direct our experience of this thing called ‘Life’. 

The “Opening of the Curtain”

Kaicho Genki™ is an integrative wellness system that relies on a basic understanding of physics, anatomy and physiology, and differential assessment to facilitate natural healing.


Kaicho Genki™ is a complementary energy practice which uses empathy and instinct, along with clairsensitivity,  weaving together various elemental frequencies for energy balancing and clearing.




The contents of this website and the nature of the services provided are intended for personal self-improvement and educational purposes only.

These services are not substitutes or replacements for any medical care or mental health counseling; nor under any circumstances do they constitute psychological or medical diagnosis or treatment. 

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