What is ‘Mental Dancing’?

It’s a releasing of pain, the easing of anxiety, a pause from stress.

It’s the lifting of mood, a clarity of thought, and the hope of better.

It’s the feeling that your life is (finally) moving upward and forward.

It’s waking up each day believing that you have options.

It’s a hard-fought for state of BEING.
And it is everything that I wish for you.


Welcome to Elemental Abundance™,
where science and spirituality come together for your highest good.

Mia Zachary
Integrative Wellness Practitioner and Teacher
specializing in Reiki Energy Healing

Just for Today

Kyo Dake wa

Anger Not

Ikaru na

Fear Not

Shin Pai Suna

Be Gratitude

Kan Sha Shite

Be Integrity

Gyo o Hageme

Be Kindness

Hito ni Shinsetsu ni