Tara Marshall

Private Yogini and Reiki Master
    Tara Marshall-Recas is a Usui Reiki Master with training in meditation and visualization techniques, intuitive readings, and sound healing. Tara also utilizes crystals and emotional freedom techniques to assist her clients with achieving a deeper sense of mental clarity and energetic balance.


     As life took its twists and turns, Tara ended up turning to yoga and Reiki as tools to help her move through a challenging period in her life. It was during this time that she determined that pursuing one’s purpose is the only point of this life experience.


     Though the term, “healer” is often bandied about, it is Tara’s vision that through Healing Spaces Wellness, she simply serves as a guide for her clients. Her clients discover and utilize those spaces within their true Self where they can find physical healing, mental clarity and overall well-being.


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Email – tara@healingspaceswellness.com

“At the end of my session with Tara, I felt a deep level of relaxation, both physical and emotional, that lasted and deepened throughout the week. Tara is truly compassionate and you feel the energy shift during the treatment. I literally felt lighter on my feet walking out. I look forward to my next appointment!” – Lina