Mia Zachary

Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Teacher

Mia’s favorite quote is from Chief Seattle. “When you know who you are, and your mission is clear, and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will… You know you are alive.”

Mia Zachary is a life-long spiritual seeker whose soul purpose is to guide others toward healing and happiness.

Mia believes in the power of personal development to heal emotion, affect mood, influence thinking and change lives. She credits her spiritual growth journey for helping her move through and past a multi-decades-long experience of severe chronic Depression.

The ‘laying on of hands’ with the intention of helping someone feel better is as old as human touch. Reiki is a traditional Japanese modality of calling upon universal life source energy to assist with clearing and balancing the life source energy that is within all of us.

Like many mothers before her, Mia embraced her natural gifts and went on to study extensively to order to enhance her abilities to serve and to teach. After years of practice, she created Kaicho, a concept of Reiki which teaches both the science and art of energy heaing through blending empathic intuition, as well as the elements of earth and water, fire and air, ether and light, with Usui and Kundalini techniques

In addition to her healing practice, Mia facilitates Intuitive Storyhealing™, a process for reframing personal stories through guided meditation and soul journaling. She also teaches spiritual and creative entrepreneurs how to leverage their time, knowledge and talent through a process called Firestorm Intensive.


Mia Zachary is an ICRT Certified Master/Teacher of both Usui and Kundalini Reiki, a Certified Crystal Healer, a minister, and an intuitive spiritual coach.

In her energy healing practice, she uses a blend of clairsentience, chakra balancing, intuitive reading, essential aromatic oils and specifically attuned crystals, along with music and touch in order to promote relaxation and energetic healing for her clients.

Mia is the creator of Intuitive Storyhealing™ and Kaicho™ energywork.



  • Wherever you are, sessions available via phone, Skype or Zoom
  • In person sessions – limited and dependent on my travel schedule

A harmonious practice incorporating cosmic, core, and elemental energies in a hands-on healing modality. Creator, Master Teacher

The traditional Japanese healing art using cosmic energy and body scanning to promote healing. Certified Reiki Master Teacher

A healing art using root chakra energy and hand-on technique to clear energetic blockages. Certified Reiki Master Teacher

A holistic coaching approach to transformation and developing a daily self-improvement practice. Ministerial Ordination in progress

A modality which utilizes semi-precious gemstones and sacred geometry to balance energy. Teacher, Certified Practitioner

A healing modality using breathwork techniques to amplify life-force energy and support healing. Certified Practitioner

An energywork technique which employs empathy and instinct for differential assessment. Practitioner

A modality using essential oils to reduce stress and promote physical and mental wellbeing. Certified Practitioner


  • Reiki Energy, Healing (of your choosing)
    – $111 / 60 min
  • Essential Energy™ (Reiki, light touch, oils)
    – $122 / 60 min
  • Spiritual Counseling (Investment per session)
    – $111 / 90 min


  • Global Healing (Reiki at distance)
    – $88 / 60 min
  • Intuitive Storyhealing™ (Skype or Zoom)
    –$88 / 60 min
  • Elemental AbundanceCard Insight
    –$55 / 30 min
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“I appreciate Mia’s extreme focus on her clients. Her energy work helped me with shoulder pain I was experiencing after a weight lifting mishap. After only two sessions, I was able to get back into my regular routine. I continue to seek Mia’s talents with Reiki to keep me balanced and relaxed despite a stressful job.” – Glenn G.
“Even through the laptop, every time you placed a crystal on the grid, I could feel the energy shift. And when you started sending the Reiki, there was so much static and crackling! I could feel things opening up and I definitely want to do this again.” – Carol J.
“Mia caused me to get in touch with my heart and encouraged me to share more of who I am and why I do what I do.” – Sylvia H.

“You have a very kind and warm aura around you and the incredible talent to make everyone feel special and appreciated!” – Susanne K.

“Mia is a wonderful facilitator and healer. It was my first time… and it was extremely welcoming. I felt much better after emotionally and energetically. Mia made me very comfortable and introduced me to Reiki, which had an unexpectedly powerful effect on me. I recommend Mia, especially to new comers.” – Anna K.

“I am grateful to have found Mia as my guide through my journey in learning the arts of Reiki. She took time to make sure I understood everything before moving on. As a beginner to Reiki and Energy Healing, I came out of the first class feeling confident in my ability to grow. She’s a great teacher and I can’t wait for the next step!” ~ Ryan P.

“Mia has a phenomenal gift that transcends the norm. She has the ability to extract what you don’t even realize is there! Her thought process is sharp and exact, and spending time with her was worth every minute!”  ~  Kashonna H.

“Mia is  an extraordinary healer, teacher, and lover of life.  I recommend her highly!” – Gerry S.

“Mia Zachary has an amazing gift of setting ablaze a fire of passion in those around her with clarity and direction.  I was thrilled to see everything come together.”  ~  Collette D.

“Mia Zachary cares, pours in, AND draws out untapped potential … she would keep going deep until she taps into the inner wisdom.”  ~  Dr. Ray C.

“I highly recommend Mia Zachary’s reiki classes.  She is an amazing teacher – warm and welcoming with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share for beginners and returning students as well.  You will leave with renewed energy and balance and new tools to use on your path.”  ~ Alexa F.