Daily Personal Development

54 Cards Designed to Guide, Inspire, and Challenge You


Intention:  This Elemental Abundance(tm) card deck will help you open to the Higher Wisdom available and communicate with your own intuition. The cards are a tool for self-discovery–encouraging you to shift your thinking and providing insight about your path.

Design:  Each card features a compass word and an affirmation to offer you positive guidance around your inquiry. Color coding; and numerology, chakra, and tarot elements have been incorporated to add deeper meaning to the possibilities.


Intention:  As you’re working with each Elemental Abundance(tm) card, believe you can do what you want; have what you want; be who you want. Imagine your dreams and desires being fulfilled and feel the emotions of having those things manifest in your life.

Design:  At the top of each Elemental Abundance card is the compass word for you to focus on. Next is an affirmation, a positive statement to anchor the concept. At the bottom are questions to help you further explore the theme and expand your growth.

On every level of personal development, you need space for the unexpected, for inner reflections, and divine inspiration.

In developing the Periodic Table of Elemental Abundance™, I replaced 50 of the element symbols- and added 4 more- to create thematic collection of personal traits and actions that would help shift old beliefs, gain greater insight into Self and accelerate personal growth.

The ultimate result of a year of research, design, and development is a fifty-four card deck for daily contemplation; meant to guide, inspire, and challenge you to become the best version of your Self.

Periodic Table of Elemental Abundance © 2016 Mia Zachary & cre8ivity3



When you put thought energy and focus into words on paper, The Universe will begin to bring your desires in your direction. Try pulling 1 card each morning as your anchor word of the day, then reflect on and/or write about what it means to you. {CLICK the image to order}


Sometimes you get so stuck that you’re not even sure what to ask. Select 2 cards, decide which questions may apply to your life and notice any thoughts, additional words, feelings, or visions that come to you and notice where it shows up in your life.


Your greatest source of advice is your own Inner Wisdom. The answers you seek are within you- it’s just a matter of finding them. Focus on an issue or decision, close your eyes, breathe deeply, then pick 3 cards. Be open to the insight you receive. {CLICK on the image to order}