Bridge 88 Gratitude Necklaces

More than just jewelry, these are crystals for a cause.

“As above, so below” is the concept behind my custom hand-knotted meditation necklaces. The semi-precious gemstones are chosen for metaphysical properties which best support the wearer’s energetic heart, which is the bridge between the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies. In numerology, eight is the number of abundance and karmic balance. Finding ways to feel grateful for what you have now–no matter your situation–is the magic key to every change you want to manifest in your life.

“I open my heart to the love of All That Is. I open my heart to help others do the same.”

I’m a suicide failure, thanks to my brother. With his help and the love of friends, I was able to turn away from the brink of despair and learn to appreciate the small miracles that occur every day. To help others living with depression and anxiety find their Light, I choose to donate a percentage of every BRIDGE88 gratitude necklace to a suicide prevention charity called

To Write Love on Her Arms.

“Mala” means garland and the necklaces are tactile guides during prayer, meditation and intention setting. 88 or 108 beads with and extra “guru” bead for gratitude and connection to the divine. I add prayer and healing energy to each gemstone as I string together the design. You can also just wear it 🙂

Gemstone choice is very important to the intention of the mala. I include stones you like but also stones I believe will support you energetically. Email me and let’s schedule a call to discuss your custom design.